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CHIPS Articles: Defense Connect Online (DCO) Supports SPAWAR Fleet Systems

Defense Connect Online (DCO) Supports SPAWAR Fleet Systems
By Amanda Plante - July 18, 2012

Space and and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific is supporting fleet systems more efficiently with the use of Defense Connect Online. DCO is a virtual meeting tool used by DoD for sharing content, screen sharing, and providing remote support. The Naval Tactical Command Support System (NTCSS) Implementation and Fleet Support team (SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, Code 422) resolves more than 8,000 NTCSS trouble tickets annually; an astounding 99 percent of these tickets are resolved through distance support! Code 422’s division head, Keith Kubiak says a key element to the success of the NTCSS Fleet Support team is the ability to remotely troubleshoot the problems.

DCO enables Code 422 to provide the technical support needed to deployed and shore-based commands that utilize NTCSS. NTCSS consists of five Navy and Marine Corps applications that automate processes established by the maintenance, supply, aviation and personnel communities. The application support provided by Code 422 includes installation, testing and fleet support. These applications are present on submarines, ships, shore Naval Special Warfare and Navy Expeditionary Combat Command units. In addition, NTCSS is used by both Navy and Marine Corps aviation squadrons.

Recently, Code 422 added a new capability by modeling the DCO capability being used on the unclassified network on the secure network. Chief Information Systems Technician (SW) Sharon Balcom led this effort in order to increase 422’s ability to support NTCSS on submarines. Now through her efforts and the efforts of the NTCSS Fleet Support team, trouble tickets that used to take days to resolve for submarines, can be fixed in a day or less.

DCO has become a tool the NTCSS Fleet Support Team has come to rely upon in order to provide superior service to the fleet.

Amanda Plante is a knowledge management specialist in the SPAWAR HQ Knowledge Management & Application Integration office.

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