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CHIPS Articles: NMCI Contract Award and Phase I

NMCI Contract Award and Phase I
By Capt. Gerald W. Peeters - January-March 2001
Since the last NMCI Update article, much has moved forward. The contract has been awarded to EDS as the prime contractor, and their partnership with Raytheon and MCI Worldcom make up the primary triad of Service, Security and Connectivity. EDS will have additional support from Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, WAM!NET and a host of small business partners in keeping with the provisions of the NMCI contract.

Since the October contract award EDS has been developing the framework and plan for the initial implementation of Phase I with Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR). EDS will actually begin Phase I implementation in mid-December. It is expected that Phase I will last approximately 90 days. Immediately following Phase I a period, called the "strategic pause," will be used to evaluate the Phase I implementation. After that it will be "full speed ahead" NMCI implementation across the enterprise in successive Phases.

The transition to NMCI within each respective claimant is designed to be the least disruptive to current operations as can practicably be accomplished. It will be incremental and evolutionary, leveraging current contractor support where possible and minimizing operational disruptions.

An exact schedule for full NMCI implementation is not yet firmed up but once the "strategic pause" has been completed, a transition/implementation schedule will be promulgated and distributed.

Awareness and Education

In addition to the efforts by many of the Navy and Marine Corps claimants to bring information about NMCI to their commands, the Department of the Navy (DON), through a coordinated effort between the PEO-IT and EDS, plans to explore innovative and imaginative ways to bring the NMCI message and benefits to our civilians, Sailors and Marines. Some of these ideas include displays depicting basic examples of "seats" available under the contract to provide a firsthand view of the work station and its capability. Representatives from EDS as well as the PEO-IT will be available to answer questions and help make the anticipated implementation better understood as EDS and their partners move forward bringing the intranet to the shore establishment.

Ask Questions

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer (DON CIO) encouraged Navy and Marine Corps Echelon II commands to provide links on their home pages to the NMCI Web site. Most have done that as well as linking to the pages where Sailors and Marines can pose NMCI related questions. Everyone is encouraged to visit those sites and ask questions.

Capt. Gerald W. Peeters is the DON CIO, NMCI Action Team Lead for Internal Communications.

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