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CHIPS Articles: Common Access Card Wins Government Technology Leadership Award

Common Access Card Wins Government Technology Leadership Award
Bravo Zulu to the DON eBusiness/Smart Card/Common Access Card staff for their hard work on this important initiative
By CHIPS Magazine - January-March 2002
The Department of Defense (DoD) Common Access Card won a Government Technology Leadership Award on December 4, 2001. This year's award was named the "Gracie," in honor of Admiral Grace Hopper, the 47 year Navy veteran who first coined the term "bug." The award is given to federal, state and local projects that embody Hopper's spirit and foresight in generating ideas that change the way government conducts business.

The Department of the Navy has been a Federal leader in the deployment of Smart Card technology. Recognizing this leadership role, Congress directed the Department to lead DoD Smart Card efforts and chair the DoD Smart Card Senior Coordinating Group (SCSCG). Working with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Defense Manpower Data Center, the Military Departments and Defense Agencies, the SCSCG championed the development and deployment of the Common Access Card. The "Gracie" honors the Defense Manpower Data Center and the entire DoD Common Access Card team for its groundbreaking demonstration of leadership in addressing privacy and security concerns.

The Department of the Navy has issued more than 89,000 of the 129,000 CACs currently in use by the DoD. Within two years, all DoD active duty, selected reserve, Government civilian, and on-site contractor personnel will have been issued the CAC.

The CAC has been making tremendous progress and has had several significant achievements in recent months. The new Schlumberger smart card being used for the CAC is the first Java smart card to ever receive FIPS 140-1 Level 2 certification. The new Schlumberger card stock also improves issuance time by several minutes.

Front row from left to right: Dave Wennergren, DON Deputy CIO for Enterprise Integration and Security, and Chair of the DoD Smart Card Senior Coordinating Group; Mary Dixon, Director, DoD Access Card Office. Middle row from left to right: Paul Grant, Acting Director for Electronic Business Knowledge Management Directorate, Office of the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer (OSD CIO); Tim Dwyer, EDS; Robert Brandewie, Deputy Director, Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC). Back row from left to right: Brian Kitzmiller, EDS; Bill Boggess, Defense Manpower Data Center.
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