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CHIPS Articles: Editor's Notebook, January-March 2002

Editor's Notebook, January-March 2002
By Sharon Anderson - January-March 2002
CHIPS celebrates 20 years in publication in 2002 as the Department of the Navy Information Technology Magazine. Our founding motto—Dedicated to Sharing Information, Technology and Experience, follows our goal—to deliver Knowledge Superiority to the warfighter.

The first issue of CHIPS was published in 1982 by the Navy Regional Data Automation Center (NARDAC). It was distributed as a newsletter titled Chips Ahoy. Printed on standard white paper in black and white with simple graphics, it was mailed to 2,500 Naval personnel. We now take pleasure in a readership in excess of 500,000 comprised of Defense, Federal, state and local government agencies, academia, and private industry partners of the DON. A sampling of our subscribers includes: NAVAIR, SURFLANT, NAVICP, HRSC-East, National Defense University, Naval War College, Naval Academy, UCLA, Stanford, Brown University, MIT; Citadel, University of Florida, Duke, Hampton University and many more.

In 1987, Chips Online was created as an ASCII text edition mailed over the Defense Data Network (DDN) to 250 host administrators. It was the first electronic magazine, preceding the World Wide Web by nearly seven years. The CHIPS Web page was launched on July 22, 1995, with the number of hits per month increasing from the initial 8,567 to over 600,000.

CHIPS content has expanded just as dramatically as IT has become increasingly sophisticated. In the April 1986 issue, we advertised the newly awarded Z-248 contract featuring an advanced system compromised of an 80286 processor running at 8MHz with a 512 RAM, single floppy disk drive and a 20MB hard drive—a bargain at $1,658! We continue to provide information on the DON IT Program contracts, but the current selections reveal a technology far advanced from those early days with a greater variety of software, hardware, IT services, and options for purchasing.

In the early days of CHIPS, Rear Adm. Grace Hopper, a pioneer in DON technology development was a kind of mascot and great fan of CHIPS. She often provided encouragement with her unique blend of sharp humor and good sense to long-time CHIPS Editor, Diane Hamblen. Beginning with Diane's first interview with Rear Adm. Hopper in 1986, Hopper was generous with her time and good advice. Beloved by all who were privileged to know her, Grace Hopper embodied the kind of think out of the box philosophy that CHIPS strives to convey to readers.

CHIPS is sponsored by the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer (DON CIO). Each issue contains a message from the DON CIO, Mr. Dan Porter, featuring the latest IT policies and initiatives in the DoD and DON. Each issue is packed with topics on knowledge management, C4I and network centric warfare programs, e-business, e-learning, professional development and much more.

We are so proud of our sponsorship by the DON CIO. We have come a long way from those early days, but there is still so much further for us to go.

Please join us in a yearlong celebration. Keep checking our Web site for further information on anniversary events—and if you have an anecdote relating to CHIPS, or how IT has transformed the way you accomplish your work that you would like to share—e-mail us at

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