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CHIPS Articles: The Navy's Manpower, Personnel and Training Information Factory

The Navy's Manpower, Personnel and Training Information Factory
By Darlene Goodwin, Chief of Naval Education and Training Public Affairs Office - April-June 2002
The Navy Training Management and Planning System

Do you have frequent questions about manpower, personnel, or training? Most likely, you will find the answers in NTMPS -- the Navy Training Management and Planning System. NTMPS is a comprehensive information management system that integrates numerous databases throughout the Navy into a "data warehouse," and provides a convenient one-stop shopping alternative for Navy managers looking for information on manpower, personnel and training (MPT) issues.

The goal of NTMPS is to centralize a large volume of MPT information previously located in divergent locations, and organize it by warfare area. With individual databanks for Aviation, Surface, AEGIS, Submarines and Reserves, it harnesses information on funding, facilities, personnel, manpower, equipment and training courses.

"NTMPS offers the warrior an opportunity to significantly reduce his or her administrative burden by incorporating numerous data sources into a single "information factory" and giving the user the tools necessary to slice and dice the data however they desire. In addition, it allows for customized reporting limited only by the user's imagination," states Martha Maddux, Chief of Naval Education and Training (CNET) NTMPS Program Manager.

NTMPS accounts are available at no cost to any individual or command who can demonstrate a need to have access to the information available in the warehouse. Presently there are over 3,000 NTMPS users, with new accounts being added weekly. Current users include the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, CNET, Type Commanders, officer and enlisted detailers, community managers, and command career counselors and training officers in operational units including aviation, surface, and subsurface.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Patrica Lewis of Reserve Squadron Fifty-four (VR-54) finds NTMPS extremely useful. Lewis, the squadron's training administration and readiness support operator and training petty officer, said, "This comprehensive support system is awesome. NTMPS is new to my squadron, but it has improved my productivity beyond measure. Professionally and personally, I am successful by using the data warehouse and training resource management system. And it is only going to get better."

NTMPS was recently presented the Knowledge E-Sharing Award from the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer (DON CIO) for its contributions to information management.

Navy's ETJ Provides Consolidated Career Training History

Active duty and reserve Navy personnel now have instant access to their official training and education records over the Internet. Sailors can visit their Electronic Training Jacket (ETJ) on the Navy Training Management and Planning System (NTMPS) Web site. The ETJ integrates various Navy training databases to allow service members to view and print their formal training and education accomplishments, advancement status, qualifications, and certifications available 24/7.

"The ETJ has been online for over a year, and it's about 80 percent complete. The ETJ gives Navy members an important tool that enables them to be active participants in the management of their careers – they now have immediate access to the Navy's record of their intellectual capital," said Maddux. The impact of the ETJ is very far-reaching, because it will provide a significant service to every Navy member who will take advantage of it."

The ETJ contains individual screens for various data, including Navy Enlisted and Officer Billet Classifications, Personnel Qualification Standards, Navy e-Learning Network, CNET Navy Web-based training, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery scores, Sailor and Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART) data, subspecialty codes, awards, advancement requirement status, and more. Future modifications to the ETJ will be based on user feedback, so program managers are soliciting inputs and giving serious consideration to comments received from the "User Feedback" section of the Web site.

"The ETJ Web site is absolutely outstanding," said Senior Chief Petty Officer William Seegars, electronic key management system manager at Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron TWO (VQ-2) in Rota, Spain. "I've been in the Navy for 23 years and the ETJ is probably the best tool I've ever seen for a quick look at my career to date."

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