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CHIPS Articles: Editor's Notebook, July-September 2002

Editor's Notebook, July-September 2002
Taking Care of America
By Sharon Anderson - July-September 2002
Our balloons were deflated, but our spirits were soaring. Thank you to all who helped celebrate CHIPS 20th anniversary at Connecting Technology Spring 2002. CHIPS' assistant editor, Nancy Reasor and I enjoyed seeing many old friends and meeting new ones. We will continue the celebration at Connecting Technology Fall 2002, December 3-5, in San Diego, Calif., so please join us.

The technology focus on warfighting superiority and Homeland Security at CT exhibits and speaker presentations was readily apparent. Everywhere I looked DON leaders, industry executives, and DoD military and civilian personnel were deeply engaged in exchanging information, learning new technology and ways to reengineer processes to ensure the safety and success of U.S. military forces and national defense. We also focus on U.S. warfighting power in this issue of CHIPS with articles from Adm. Natter, Rear Adm. Slaght, Dr. Myers, Rear Adm. Munns, Capt. Whitkop, NAVAIR and the USS John F. Kennedy.

Shortly after 9/11, school children were asked the meaning of "patriotism." A fourth grader, responded, "Patriotism means taking care of America." America's warfighters do that 24x7x365—take care of America. Taking care of America is something each and everyone one of us can and must do. Each of one of us is in a unique and privileged position to make vital contributions to the success of our fighting forces. Since 9/11 like never before I've been asking myself what did I do today to take care of America--to take care of America's warfighter? What did you do?

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