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CHIPS Articles: Editor's Notebook, July-September 2003

Editor's Notebook, July-September 2003
By Sharon Anderson - July-September 2003
Welcome home! They are back and we could not be happier for those U.S. Forces returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom. Privileged to work on Naval Station Norfolk, we are especially filled with a sense of excitement, pride and respect as we witness daily the dignity, professionalism and bravery of U.S. Forces — and of their families and friends who have faithfully supported them during their deployment. I have felt as if members of my own family have come home — and they have —my military family. For those military members who are home, still deployed — and those supporting the warfighter — thank you for all you have accomplished. You make us very, very proud.

The covers for this issue are dedicated to the Department of the Navy Information Technology Umbrella Program, a CHIPS sponsor, celebrating 15 years of bringing DON and DoD customers outstanding service and significant savings for IT purchases. In keeping with the celebration, I would like to introduce you to the business warriors of the Umbrella Program, the DoD Enterprise Software Initiative and the Army Small Computer Program (ASCP). These price fighters work very hard to bring you the best prices for IT products and services from leading manufacturers and resellers. And most importantly — these savings can be used for the DoD and DON warfighting mission.

My special thanks to the very kind professionals of the ASCP for the warm welcome CHIPS received at the Army Information Technology Conference — extra special thanks to Tom Leahy and Steve Miller.

Happy Birthday DON IT Umbrella Program!

The Army Small Computer Program Team.
Cmdr. Jim Computer Program team. Clausen, USNR, on active duty at the Business Managers Conference 2001, Fort Belvoir, Va. Mr. Clausen is the OASD (NII)/DoD CIO ESI Working Group Co-Chair.
Norfolk team from left to right: Shirley Dunbar, Nancy Reasor and Jakki Rightmeyer.
The DON IT Umbrella Program Norfolk team. Back row left to right: Billy Bunton, Rick Paquin, John McLaurin and Calvin Finley. Middle row left to right: Liz Vonasek, Mary Kay Demorest, Julia Jones, Sandy Mieczkowski and Soya Rowland. Front row left to right: Doris Bohenek, Gail Holzsweig, Sharon Anderson, Sherleyann Parks and Tony Virata.
The DON IT Umbrella Program San Diego team. Standing left to right: Margie Smith, Ann Layne, Steve Thompson, Cliff Smart, Sandy Sirbu and Peggy Harpe. Kneeling left to right: Ted Wolken, Linda Greenwade, Carlos Solorzano, Joe Zaizar and Barbara Johnson.
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