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CHIPS Articles: Message from the DON CIO, January-March 2004

Message from the DON CIO, January-March 2004
By Dave Wennergren - January-March 2004
Just reading through this issue of CHIPS Magazine highlights the fact that information technology (IT) is woven into the very fabric of our Naval mission and organization. "The Lazy Person's Guide to Voice Telephony" explores the telephone and its evolution from analog to digital technology over the years. "Are You Ready to PK-Enable" discusses enhancing both our security and enabling our eGovernment transformation through the use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) digital certificates. "Managing the Electromagnetic Spectrum" describes the process for identifying, allocating and employing electromagnetic spectrum to support the use of wireless IT systems and devices by our Sailors and Marines deployed around the world. From the desktop to the deckplate, everyone in the Department of the Navy is touched by IT.

Recognizing that technology is an enabling force across the organization, the recently released Department of the Navy (DON) Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) Strategic Plan for FY2004-2005 is a document that applies to everyone in the Department — not just our IT professionals. The vision and mission statements set the tone for a united team in support of our warfighting mission. Vision: A joint net-centric environment that delivers knowledge dominance to the Naval warfighting team. Mission: Transform Naval Information Management/Information Technology to provide affordable, next generation capabilities to the warfighter.

The strength of the Strategic Plan is that it truly is the result of a team effort, with ideas generated and drafts of the plan vetted throughout the Navy and Marine Corps organization. Six goals that support the vision and mission provide focus and clarity to our efforts. They are:

• Develop and maintain a secure, seamless, interoperable Naval IM/IT infrastructure
• Transform applications and data into Web-centric Naval capabilities
• Provide Full Dimensional Protection that ensures Naval warfighting effectiveness
• Ensure Naval IM/IT investments are selected, resourced and acquired to optimize Naval mission accomplishment
• Create optimized processes and integrated systems that enable knowledge dominance and Naval transformation
• Shape the IM/IT workforce of the future

As a member of the Naval team — whether Sailor, Marine, civilian or commercial partner — I hope that you will see the IM/IT Strategic Plan as your personal guide to help make the vision of network-centric warfare and knowledge dominance a reality throughout the Navy-Marine Corps team.

Dave Wennergren
Dave Wennergren
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