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CHIPS Articles: Center for Information Technology Presents Road Show

Center for Information Technology Presents Road Show
By Lt. Susan D. Henson, Naval Personnel Development Command Public Affairs Office - April-June 2004
The Center for Information Technology presented its first road show brief Feb. 27, 2004, on Naval Station Norfolk. The Information Systems Technician/Information Professional Summit road show, given by Cmdr. Woody Henderson, CIT functional integration manager, was the first in a series to be delivered to information technology professionals around the fleet. The target audience are ITs, IPs and the Limited Duty Officer 6420 and Chief Warrant Officer 7420 communities. It is also open to others interested in the Navy's Revolution in Training.

The brief specifically addresses the Revolution in Training, how the center's mission to develop the Navy's information technology professionals fits into RIT, and the latest learning innovations and tools being developed by the CIT. The Learning Center is located in San Diego, Calif., but its role extends beyond that of a traditional training organization.

"Our mission is much broader than building and providing training," said Henderson. "We are responsible for our Sailors' personal and professional development from the moment they become an information technology professional until they end their career."

While information technology is the center's focus, it also provides training to 10 other enlisted ratings (electronics technician, cryptology technician [communications, maintenance, technical, collection], sonar technician [submarine], electronics technician [submarine], fire control technician, fire controlman, and operations specialist).

The center's mission of providing information technology professionals the essential skills and knowledge they need to support career growth and readiness is accomplished through the use of traditional as well as new and evolving methods.

This needs-based training philosophy means Sailors can get what they need in a variety of ways. Traditional classroom training is offered at the center's 17 training sites around the world. But the CIT is also delivering on its mission through extensive use of Navy Knowledge Online. The 5 Vector Model for ITs, launched in June 2003, was one of the first to go live online. The IP 5VM will be the first for officers, set to be posted on NKO spring 2004.

Among NKO's wealth of information offerings are more than 900 information technology courses available on Navy eLearning. Future plans include courses personally tailored to Sailors' needs. The center also hosts weekly chat sessions through NKO, usually held on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. PST. Sailors can look for updated chat notices on NKO.

In addition, the summit also addresses the latest developments with CIT's projects, such as the future of IT A school and the future use of simulations in training.

The IT/IP Summit road show schedule is:

April 22 – Bangor, Wash.
Week of May 11 – Pensacola, Mayport, Fla., and Kings Bay, Ga.
Week of June 14 – Washington D.C., and Great Lakes, Ill.

To learn more about the Center for Information Technology and the Navy's Revolution in Training, log on to Navy Knowledge Online at and visit the Center for Information Technology page.

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