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CHIPS Articles: Message from the DON CIO, April-June 2004

Message from the DON CIO, April-June 2004
By Dave Wennergren - April-June 2004
The realignment of the Department of the Navy (DON) Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) executive leadership team last year has helped to strengthen and align the DON's IM/IT transformation efforts. In December 2003, this new team, consisting of Brig. Gen. John Thomas, Rear Adm. Tom Zelibor, Mr. Rob Care and myself, met for two days with the Information Officers from Navy Echelon II and Marine Corps Major Subordinate Commands at our first Naval IT Summit. The theme of the summit was "One Enterprise, One Strategy, Continual Transformation."

The Naval IT Summit and its follow-on activities exemplify this concept of the DON Enterprise as one team. The purpose of the summit was to strengthen, align and integrate IM/IT efforts across the Navy-Marine Corps team. At the summit the Department's IM/IT change leaders gathered together and, not only discussed IT successes and challenges related to their individual commands, but also discussed Enterprise-wide IT successes and challenges, and their part in leading IM/IT change.

In the last issue of CHIPS, I shared highlights of the DON IM/IT Strategic Plan for FY 2004-2005 and encouraged you to see the plan as your personal guide to help make the vision of a net-centric environment and knowledge dominance a reality. During the summit, I was encouraged to see the Strategic Plan's governing principles in action. These principles, which include leading continuous IM/IT transformation, optimizing information resources, and building integrated, joint IM/IT solutions, were put into action as the Navy and Marine Corps IM/IT leaders from different commands worked together to identify challenges and build solutions.

The attendees formed teams to explore areas of IM/IT that affect the entire Enterprise — Governance, Processes, Technology, Community, Capital Planning and Knowledge. During the summit, these teams identified projects aimed at solving Enterprise challenges in these six areas, identified team leaders, and made the commitment to carry on the work they started at the summit. These projects and the continuing commitment of your IM/IT leaders will deliver improved support to the warfighter and enable our transformation to network-centric warfare.

The empowerment of our IM/IT professionals across the organization, and the use of successful, high performance teams to address these complex, cross-functional issues, will ensure our success. I continue to be impressed and encouraged by the drive, dedication, innovation and commitment of the IM/IT professionals at all levels of the Department of the Navy team.

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Dave Wennergren
Dave Wennergren
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