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CHIPS Articles: DON eBusiness Operations Office Solicits Pilot Project Proposals

DON eBusiness Operations Office Solicits Pilot Project Proposals
By CHIPS Magazine - July-September 2004
The Department of the Navy eBusiness Operations Office is now accepting pilot project proposals from Navy and Marine Corps ashore and afloat personnel, both military and civilian. Evaluation of these proposals for funding under the FY 2005 pilot program will be ongoing through July 30, 2004.

The eBusiness pilot program provides seed money for projects that use technology innovation to improve business processes across the entire DON. Successful eBusiness pilot proposals are of limited scope, cost and duration in order to rapidly develop working prototype solutions. Proposals are expected to address improving current DON business processes and to provide a positive return on investment.

The DON eBusiness Operations Office helps solve Navy and Marine Corps process gaps by combining business process reengineering with information technology infusion. Any business process improvement opportunity can be a focus area for a pilot proposal from maintenance or medical to logistics or learning. The proposal submission process is simple.

Pilot submissions are evaluated in the last quarter of the fiscal year for funding in the following fiscal year.

Phone (717) 605-9359, DSN 430-9359 for assistance.

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