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CHIPS Articles: Editor's Notebook, July-September 2005

Editor's Notebook, July-September 2005
By Sharon Anderson - July-September 2005
Whether you are a Marine or Soldier on the ground in Iraq, a strike group commander or Department of Defense (DoD) business warrior, you need the knowledge superiority that the aggregate of DoD technologies can deliver.

DoD and Department of the Navy (DON) information technology users from the medical community to the financial community, from logistics to our fighting forces rely on the integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of the data, networks and systems they use.

DoD information technology users and warfighters rely on many different systems, networks and a myriad of data sources. But they all have a common requirement: The absolute assurance that Defense networks and data are unimpeachable, impregnable to attack and real-time.

Anything less puts the DoD mission and lives in jeopardy.

Without the performance of information assurance (IA) and the practice of knowledge management (KM), knowledge superiority is only a vision.

In this issue, leaders and users of Defense IT explore the importance of information assurance and knowledge management in securing Defense and Navy networks to ensure the ultimate objective — knowledge superiority.

At one of our outreach events, the CHIPS staff had the pleasure of meeting U.K. Commodore Peter Walpole, deputy director Combined Joint Operations from the Sea Center of Excellence. Naturally, we asked for an interview! Thanks to 2nd Fleet public affairs team for facilitating. Go to page 6 to read about how working, training and experimenting jointly in transformational initiatives will improve interoperability for the NATO alliance.

Closer to home, the CHIPS staff had the pleasure of meeting our new SPAWAR Systems Center (SSC) Charleston Commanding Officer, Capt. Cloyes R. "Red" Hoover.

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May 18, 2005 - U.K. Royal Navy Commodore Peter Walpole, deputy director Combined Joint Operations from the Sea Center of Excellence, visits the CHIPS exhibit at TechNet 2005 in Washington, D.C.
Members of SCC Charleston at the SCC Charleston Tidewater Node of the FORCEnet Composeable Environment (FnCE). Left to right: Will Gex, chief engineer, Tidewater C4ISR Department; Jennifer Watson, head, Tidewater C4ISR Department; Capt. Cloyes R. “Red” Hoover, commanding officer, SSC Charleston; Bobby Hensley, head, ISR and Navigation Division; and Ron Lowder, chief of operations, Tidewater C4ISR Department. Tidewater leaders gave Capt. Hoover a tour of the FnCE and other SPAWAR facilities in the Tidewater Virginia area.
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