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CHIPS Articles: Forcenet Engineering Conference

Forcenet Engineering Conference
By CHIPS Magazine - January-March 2006
FORCEnet's architectural construct will transcend organizational boundaries and will integrate the widest possible collection of joint and coalition platforms, weapons and combat and control systems. Developing FORCEnet will require comprehensive lines of communications between U.S. military services, U.S. government agencies and coalition partners.

As such, the theme for the third FORCEnet Engineering Conference, sponsored by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, will focus on "joint and coalition alignment."

The conference is designed to promote a collaborative environment for key engineering personnel in the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, U.S. Joint Forces Command, Coast Guard, U.S. agencies and coalition communities to address FORCEnet related issues, processes, procedures and business rules.

The tentative dates and location for the FORCEnet Engineering Conference are June 6– 8, 2006 in Norfolk, Va., at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott.

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