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CHIPS Articles: DON IM/IT Sessions at AFCEA Transformation TechNet

DON IM/IT Sessions at AFCEA Transformation TechNet
By CHIPS Magazine - January-March 2006
The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer (DON CIO) will be leading Information Management (IM) and Information Technology (IT) sessions at the AFCEA Transformation TechNet Conference in Hampton, Va. The general conference is scheduled for May 9-10 with DON CIO sessions starting a day earlier on May 8.

Due to the location in fleet concentration areas, the DON CIO has decided to use two conferences — WEST in San Diego and Transformation TechNet in Hampton — as opportunities to communicate DON IT guidance and initiatives through tracks and sessions as part of these conferences.

The DON CIO-led sessions will be open to all attendees and topics to be addressed include: Enterprise Software, Software Asset Management, System Integration Services, the DON IM/IT Workforce, Enterprise Architecture, Data Management, Information Assurance, IT Performance Measurement, Knowledge Management, Telecommunications, Spectrum, Wireless, and guidelines for ordering software using the DON IT Umbrella Program.

Additionally, there will be an IM/IT Community Town Hall meeting with Mr. David Wennergren, DON CIO.

During the conference, the DON CIO will be presenting the second round of the 2006 DON IM/IT Excellence Awards. The first round of the 2006 awards was presented at WEST in San Diego. These awards, formerly called the DON eGov Awards, recognize excellence in IM, IT and knowledge sharing among Navy and Marine Corps teams and individuals.

The conference will be held at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. There is no cost for government and military personnel for the general conference, but registration is required. The agenda for the DON CIO-led sessions and the DON IM/IT Excellence Award nomination criteria are available on the DON CIO Web site at

The overall conference agenda and registration details for events as required, are available by accessing the AFCEA Transformation TechNet Web site at

Please join us!

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