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CHIPS Articles: MEASURE IQ Begins Deployment to the Fleet

MEASURE IQ Begins Deployment to the Fleet
By Maria LoVasco Tolleson - July-September 2007
“MIQ is a vast improvement in both the productivity and usability of the MEASURE and METCAL systems.”
– MIQ User

The Metrology Automated System for Uniform Recall and Reporting (MEASURE) Interactive Query (IQ) application, developed by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center New Orleans, is being deployed to the fleet on a phased schedule through December 2007.

MEASURE, the program of record for the Metrology Calibration (METCAL) program, is a data processing system designed to provide participating activities with a standardized system for the recall and scheduling of test, measuring and diagnostic equipment. Calibration facilities use MEASURE to document equipment calibration and to share this information across Navy activities.

MEASURE allows the collection, correction, analysis and collation of data as well as its distribution. This new system also provides an interactive data entry capability for MEASURE data.

MEASURE IQ (MIQ) is the next generation tool for the collection of calibration data for the fleet. It provides fleet and shore-based activities with the capability to maintain their inventory, perform calibration lab functions, print Metrology Equipment Recall and Report (METER) cards and METCAL forms, and generate production and ad-hoc reports.

METER cards are used to report changes, additions or deletions to the user activity's inventory and to report changes in custody of test equipment. Updated inventory files can then be sent to the MEASURE Operational Control Centers (MOCCs) through MIQ.

MIQ consolidated the functionality of four outdated legacy applications into one single application. The legacy applications consolidated were: (1) MEASURE Automated Information System for Personal Computer; (2) MEASURE Calibration Recall Inventory System; (3) MEASURE Name and Address Query Program; and (4) MEASURE Personal Computer Inventory Query Program.

MIQ provides the fleet with a single, portable stand-alone application that is approved by Navy Functional Area Managers and is Navy Marine Corps Intranet compliant. Further, it will ease the crossover to Navy Enterprise Resource Planning because of its streamlined and standardized functionality.

In November 2003, the New Orleans development team was tasked to develop a strategy to migrate the MEASURE legacy applications to the 32-bit Windows operating environment. Since the legacy applications had limited documentation and no program specifications, the team executed the legacy applications and documented each functional requirement.

Based on the requirements identified, the team developed a working prototype and presented it to the Naval Air Systems Command MEASURE program office in April 2004 — with very impressive results. Approval was then granted to complete the MIQ application.

Development began during summer 2004 and ceased at times at the customer's request. Hurricane Katrina caused an additional delay in August 2005, but the MIQ application was delivered to NAVAIR for acceptance testing Feb. 24, 2006. In December 2006, MIQ passed acceptance testing; and, late in December, deployment began with the USS Bataan (LHD 5).

MIQ was designed for Navy ships with limited or no Internet connection. But, in response to positive feedback, NAVAIR requested a version of MIQ that is Web-enabled for use by shore-based activities. SSC New Orleans is in the process of analyzing requirements to incorporate a version of MIQ for the Web.

The MIQ team has received positive feedback from the fleet for the MIQ program. One user said, "MIQ is a vast improvement in both the productivity and usability of the MEASURE and METCAL systems."

The MEASURE Operational Control Center remarked, "Your staff has done an excellent job. We appreciate all your support in the MIQ project.”

The SSC New Orleans MIQ team also received a letter of commendation from the MEASURE Program Office.

"With a lot of hard work, dedication and the excellent performance of the MIQ development team, the MIQ application was delivered to the MOCCs for deployment," said Ms. Katina Shelby, MIQ development team lead.

Team members include: Mr. William Rosa, Mr. James Kuhn and Ms. Li Li. Mr. Dale Brown, Business Solutions Department (Code N51) supervisor, provided invaluable leadership and support throughout the MIQ development process.

MIQ project team: Ms. Li Li, system analyst; Ms. Katina Shelby, MIQ team development lead; (seated) Will Rosa, technical lead; and Jim Kuhn, system analyst.
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