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CHIPS Articles: Message from the DON CIO, July-September 2007

Message from the DON CIO, July-September 2007
By Robert J. Carey - July-September 2007
It is good to be back to take over the helm after my nine-month deployment. My selection as DON CIO came while I was still in Iraq, so I want to thank John Lussier, who stepped up as acting DON CIO, as well as the entire DON CIO team and information management (IM) and information technology (IT) community for your service and support while I was in uniform serving in my Navy Reserve capacity.

The deployment gave me a unique perspective on the use of IM and IT in-theater as we conduct combat and combat-support operations. On the personal side, IT provided me the means to stay in contact with my family. On the warfighting side, I came to understand that IT is at the heart of every decision made and everything done to support this global war on terror. The use of IT is impressive. My experiences in Iraq and dealing with the successes and challenges of using IT, have created in me the determination to make sure that everything we do supports the warfighter.

My goal over the next few months is to connect the relevancy of our IM and IT initiatives to that of the men and women serving at the tip of the spear. With that in mind, I will be issuing a DON CIO Campaign Plan that represents our major IM and IT focus of effort for the next 12 to 18 months. It is not a reiteration of the DON IM and IT Strategic Plan, which remains our two-year vision document; it is a tactical plan that includes the salient efforts in line with the Strategic Plan that we will undertake immediately to support the warfighter.

The DON CIO Campaign Plan, which will be available on the DON CIO Web site (, focuses on seven goals:

  1. Secure the DON IM/IT infrastructure;
  2. Protect personally identifiable information;
  3. Plan for the IM/IT infrastructure of the future;
  4. Efficiently acquire and manage Naval IM/IT investments;
  5. Attain efficient and effective spectrum technology;
  6. Enable DON IM and IT workforce excellence; and
  7. Improve warfighter knowledge management capability.

These goals represent the major thrusts that will make the biggest impact within the shortest amount of time. We must remember that we are at war, and we need to have a sense of urgency with all that we do. We must work on delivering sound IM and IT solutions with speed while not compromising support and feasibility.

Security in-theater is paramount, as is protecting our Sailors and Marines against identity theft while they are serving our country. Joint interoperability is central to our ability to conduct warfighting operations. Efficiency in the acquisition and management of IT investments and use of spectrum technology will enable us to provide the resources and wireless capability that is crucial to warfighter success. Adequate staffing and skills of the DON IM/IT workforce are essential as we take on future advancements in IT to include the workforce required for the Next Generation Enterprise Network. Effective knowledge management will facilitate the capture, sharing and reuse of information to enable effective and agile decision making.

Additionally, I will be focusing on delivering policies that govern the use of IM and IT sooner… so that when new capabilities arrive there is accompanying policy. I look forward to the continued success of the DON IM and IT team as we continue to deliver capability to support the warfighter.

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Robert J. Carey
Robert J. Carey
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