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By CHIPS Magazine - July-September 2008
In March, Navy Recruiting Command launched in response to research that found New England-area parents have questions about what life in the Navy is like, and are searching for no-nonsense, first-hand answers. puts potential Navy parents in touch with parents of young men and women who already are serving. This online community gives prospective Navy moms a place to gather accurate information, share stories and gain support from their peers.

The site continues to grow quickly, averaging more than 20 new members each day. Members have formed more than 180 groups, from Boot Camp Moms to "A" School Moms to Moms of Navy Daughters. In less than three months, members have uploaded more then 6,000 thousand photos and added hundreds of new discussion topics to the site. The recently-launched Web site celebrated the arrival of its 2,000th member May 21. For more information, visit

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