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CHIPS Articles: SSC Pacific's Josh Caplan Receives "Rising Star" Award

SSC Pacific's Josh Caplan Receives "Rising Star" Award
Young computer specialist stands out among his peers
By CHIPS Magazine - October-December 2008
Josh Caplan, an employee in the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific's information technology engineering branch is a recipient of Government Computer News 2008 Rising Star Award.

The award recognizes young people in the government information technology community who have made a difference in their fields within the past 18 months. The award's goal is to highlight individuals with potential to contribute to the government for years to come, making them true rising stars.

Caplan is a Navy civilian computer scientist with strong technical skills in the fields of information assurance and IT. He was hired in August 2007 through SSC Pacific's New Professional program, a two-year career development program designed to provide continuing leadership and technical training to new employees, while offering an advanced promotion opportunity.

Although he has only been at SSC Pacific for one year, Caplan has already completed all required training and fulfilled all elements of the program. He is currently project manager for a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency program focused on technology transition.

Caplan assumed multiple leadership roles and participated in center-wide initiatives, which have made him stand out among his peers. He was elected to the New Professional steering committee, the primary liaison between new professionals and senior management, after only two months on the job. He has been actively involved in center-wide process improvement endeavors, and is a member of a Lean Six Sigma team focused on improving SSC Pacific's hiring process.

Caplan is also engaged in community outreach efforts designed to inform the public about work conducted by SSC Pacific, and he participates in recruiting efforts.

Caplan has positively contributed to the federal IT community by attending cross-sector collaborative events to develop new business with government and industry partners. He helped organize the inaugural Defense Systems IA Seminar in San Diego, and he supports the American Council for Technology's Industry Advisory Council, which seeks to develop public-private cooperation in IT endeavors with the goal of improving the government's ability to serve the nation.

Caplan also serves as the SSC Pacific agency official for the Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service program which is designed to increase and strengthen the cadre of federal IA professionals that protect the government's critical information infrastructure. Caplan was a SFS recipient himself.

"I am honored to have been selected for this award, and I am excited to represent SSC Pacific," Caplan said.

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Young computer specialist Josh Caplan stands out among his peers at SSC Pacific.
Young computer specialist Josh Caplan stands out among his peers at SSC Pacific.
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