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CHIPS Articles: More News from the DON CIO

More News from the DON CIO
By CHIPS Magazine - January-March 2009
Home Use for Microsoft Products Approved for DON Personnel

The Department of the Navy, through its contract with EDS for the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), is entitled to use Microsoft Corp.'s Home Use Program. The HUP allows Navy and Marine Corps government civilian and uniformed personnel, who are presently NMCI users, to obtain a licensed copy of Microsoft Office, Project or Visio desktop applications to install and use on a home computer if these applications are installed on their NMCI computer. Contractors are ineligible to participate.

The HUP shall continue for the term of the HUP agreement and Department of the Navy personnel may take advantage of this offering provided they are employed by the DON and abide by the Home Use Rights End User License Agreement. The DON is not responsible for individual employee compliance with the terms and conditions of the EULA. The Department of the Navy shall undertake reasonable efforts to ensure that DON employees are notified of Microsoft provisions concerning the HUP.

The authorized HUP applications are accessible by logging on to the NMCI Homeport at Should this link fail, enter "HUP" in Homeport's search feature to locate the Home Use Program page. Access to the Microsoft HUP Web site is limited to Navy and Marine Corps government civilian and uniformed personnel with authorized NMCI e-mail addresses only.

All DON personnel are reminded that personally identifiable information (PII) and controlled unclassified information (CUI) are not to be stored or otherwise used on personally owned laptops, desktops, personal electronic devices and other media storage.

There is a charge for paying the administrative costs of obtaining the software, including media and shipping. Navy and Marine Corps government civilian and uniformed personnel purchasing this offering may use the software as desired, provided they abide by the limitations stated above: PII and CUI are not to be stored on personal electronic media.

Navy and Marine Corps government civilian and uniformed personnel participating in the HUP may obtain only one version of the software at any given time and must comply with all licensing requirements.

Eligible software and ordering directions may be found at Eligible licenses for this program are also listed.

Information Literacy Toolkit v. 2.1

The Information Literacy Toolkit is a practical and comprehensive guide to making information work for the individual, the organization and the enterprise. The Internet provides access and connectivity that requires new knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors to take advantage of the great opportunities available to the DON workforce. Individuals must be able to recognize what information is needed when, and how to locate, evaluate, use and effectively communicate it. These skills are essential to bridging the gap between the sea of information available and an individual's ability to access, understand and apply it.

Go to the DON CIO Web site at and click on the Products link to download the toolkit.

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