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CHIPS Articles: DON Releases Service Specifications for NGEN

DON Releases Service Specifications for NGEN
By Eddie Riley - January-March 2009
The Assistant Chief of Naval Operations for the Next Generation Enterprise Network released the Draft NGEN Block 1, Increment 1 Service Specification document Dec. 4. This release is the most recent Department of the Navy industry interaction and builds on information previously provided during the NGEN Industry Day earlier this year.

The draft represents the DON's first articulation of an approach to implementing the NGEN environment. The document provides service specifications for the initial occurrence of NGEN, which is Block 1, in addition to the framework for how those services will be provisioned, managed and supported. The document is available by searching for "NGEN" on the Federal Business Opportunities Web site at

The DON believes the specifications will establish a framework for the transition of services from the Navy Marine Corps Intranet to NGEN; specify performance measures for the delivery and provision of services; and define and allocate Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) functions that will facilitate the increased DON operational and design control desired in NGEN.

"This document deconstructs the Department of the Navy's NGEN requirements into an industry-defined open standard service delivery model. It identifies the processes and subprocesses for IT service strategy, service design, service transition, service operations and continuous service improvement using the ITIL framework," said Rear Adm. Dave Simpson, interim ACNO NGEN. "We would like to receive comments from interested industry partners on our representation of the process definitions, as well as their associated interfaces.

"This draft does not constitute a commitment by the government to acquire NGEN exactly as outlined in the document but will help us develop RFPs that are equally relevant to government and industry. The acquisition approach, specified services and allocation of ITIL functions are all still in development, and we'll adjust design specifications in the document based on input from industry," the admiral said.

Simpson also outlined DON's ramp-up for NGEN governance. "Rear Adm. John Goodwin has been named ACNO NGEN and will arrive in January to fill the two-star director billet. ACNO NGEN will solidify [the] DON's top-level governance for NGEN, bringing together the authorities for resources, requirements, policy, acquisition and operations into a single office. ACNO NGEN will be the sponsor responsible for delivery of USN and USMC enterprise network capabilities."

Simpson will continue to support NGEN, leading the Navy's NGEN resource and requirements efforts from his position as director of Navy Networks on the OPNAV N6 staff.

The opportunity for feedback and comments from industry partners on the draft service specifications closed Jan. 9.

The Navy and Marine Corps service chiefs approved the requirements for the NGEN program in April. This document is an interpretation of those requirements that NGEN stakeholders will approve in near-term. Industry should view the document as a demand signal for the resources and expertise required to operate and support the DON's primary enterprise network. Feedback will be valuable at this stage to validate the proposed Service Delivery Model prior to the DON's release of a formal request for proposal.

The next step for NGEN will be to turn the specifications into a statement of work and request for proposal(s).

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