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CHIPS Articles: DON Enterprise Data at Rest Solution for all non-NMCI Assets is Awarded

DON Enterprise Data at Rest Solution for all non-NMCI Assets is Awarded
By CHIPS Magazine - April-June 2009
The Department of the Navy enterprise solution for protection of sensitive Data at Rest (DAR) on non-Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) assets is now available. Implementation of this solution enables compliance with Defense Department and DON requirements associated with protection of personally identifiable information (PII) and other types of sensitive DAR on mobile computing devices and portable storage media.

Navy and Marine Corps organizations that need this software should coordinate their requirements through the chain of command to the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Communication Networks (N6 ) and Headquarters Marine Corps (C4) points of contact identified in DON CIO message DTG 312021Z JAN 2009.

On Jan. 23, 2009, the DON awarded MTM Technologies a blanket purchase agreement for purchase of the DON Mobile Armor software bundle. Implementation of this solution enables compliance with DoD and DON DAR protection requirements outlined in Joint Task Force-Global Network Operations Communication Tasking Order 08-009 and DON CIO message DTG 091256Z OCT 07.

All purchases of the DON enterprise DAR solution must be executed through the enterprise agreement.

Procurement of other DAR protection solutions is prohibited. Organizations that previously acquired or implemented other DAR encryption solutions shall migrate to the DON enterprise solution prior to license renewal.

NMCI successfully piloted its GuardianEdge DAR protection solution in fall 2008 and will be deploying it to all NMCI workstations between March and September 2009.

For further information, training and deployment schedules, NMCI users may visit

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