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CHIPS Articles: DON Enterprise Architecture v1.1.000 Released: Continues to Support Investment Decision Making

DON Enterprise Architecture v1.1.000 Released: Continues to Support Investment Decision Making
By Victor Ecarma - April-June 2010

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer recently released the DON Enterprise Architecture v1.1.000. The DON EA v1.1.000 provides authoritative reference information, which can be used in developing solutions to support and fulfill DON mission and capability requirements. In addition, this update contains administrative changes associated with two DON EA laws, regulations, policies, and guidance (LRPGs). The administrative changes are as follows:

  1. The wording of the two records management artifacts (Rules No. 4 and No. 5) has been updated to provide additional clarification about these requirements.
  2. The two public key infrastructure/public key enablement (PKI/PKE) artifacts have been merged into a single new artifact (Rule No. 9).
In addition, as of the release of DON EA v1.1.000, the process for requesting a PKI/PKE waiver has been automated in the DON variant of the DoD Information Technology Portfolio Registry (DITPR-DON) as part of the DON EA compliance waiver process.

These administrative changes to the DON LRPGs have already been incorporated into the DON EA compliance assessment process. Compliance assessments for all other updates to the DON EA shall be implemented on Oct. 1, 2010, following the next formal release of the DON EA in July.

A listing of the content contained in the DON EA v1.1.000 is provided as an enclosure to the DON EA v1.1.000 release memo. The detailed content, as well as other current information about DON EA policy and procedures, can be viewed at

Victor Ecarma provides support to DON CIO to advance enterprise architecture throughout the DON. The DON EA point of contact is the director of enterprise architecture & emerging technology, Mr. Michael Jacobs.

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