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CHIPS Articles: Web 2.0, April-June 2010

Web 2.0, April-June 2010
Join the Discussion in the Pulse
By Michele Buisch - April-June 2010
In February, the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer (DON CIO) launched the Pulse, a collaborative Web site for members of the DON information management/information technology (IM/IT) community. With its launch, DON personnel have the opportunity to shape the direction of the organization.

The Pulse is a secure extension of the DON CIO Web site created to foster candid discussion and provide a venue to collaborate on current and future IM/IT initiatives. The site allows members from anywhere within the department, both geographically and organizationally, to participate in the discussion. Mr. Rob Carey, DON CIO, describes his vision for the tool as a way to “harness the intellectual capacity of the 850,000-plus men and women in the Department of the Navy.”

Visitors to the site must possess a Department of Defense issued Common Access Card and a .mil e-mail address to view content. However, to participate in the discussions, a visitor must become a registered member of the Pulse.

Once registered, members may participate by posting a topic of discussion in the form of a blog. They may also join a discussion by adding a comment or indicating they like a topic of discussion. Each member’s activity (posts, discussions and comments) is listed on his or her profile page.

The default view of the homepage (“What we’re: Saying”) displays the most recent topic postings in reverse chronological order. Members may sort the homepage by activity (“What we’re: Doing”) to view the latest member activities. Each topic posting shows the number of associated comments and the number of likes received.

Most Discussed and Most Liked lists are also displayed on the homepage indicating to members which topics are generating the most interest.

The categories page lists the seven categories in which the topics are “filed.” The categories are:

If I Were CIO – What would you focus on or do if you were CIO?
In My DON 2016 – What will the department be doing by 2016? What should we be doing by 2016?
Clear as Mud – What do you want clarified because it makes absolutely no sense to you?
Bravo Zulu – What are we doing well? What are the programs, projects, teams, individuals, etc., that we should all know about?
What Keeps Me Up at Night? – What are you most concerned about: threats, challenges, shortcomings, oversights, etc.?
Help! – What do you want help with or input on from the Pulse community? Help us help you!
Flotsam & Jetsam – Odds and ends, cats and dogs, sundries, miscellaneous … you get the picture.

Clicking on a specific category will display all the blogs in that category, as well as the Recent Contributors, Most Discussed and Most Liked lists for that particular category.

Posting a topic is as easy as filling out a form. Simply type in the title and the topic text, and choose a category and at least one content tag. Members may also create their own tags if they want to further define what their topic is about. There is the option to submit the post or save it as a draft. Clicking Submit posts the topic at the top of the homepage as the most recent submission. And that is when the discussions begin.

Once members begin participating, they will receive system notifications each time they log in if someone has commented on their post or responded to their comments on someone else's post. This allows the discussion to continue. Members also have the option to sign up for e-mail notifications if someone comments or likes their post.

There are more than 350 members from a variety of commands engaged in a number of discussions with topics ranging from the cybersecurity workforce, standards compliant browsers, being a joint organization, to the return of thumb drives. There is also a site feedback topic, in which y


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