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CHIPS Articles: News and Tips for Social Media

News and Tips for Social Media
By Christy Crimmins - October-December 2010
In this installment of the CHIPS Web 2.0 column we are bringing you a selection of news and tips about collaborative media from around the departments of the Navy and Defense.

SECNAV Signs Internet-based Capability ALNAVs
On Aug. 19, 2010, the Secretary of the Navy released two All Navy Messages (ALNAVs) addressing the use of social media in the DON. These messages provide guidance to DON personnel on the responsible use of Internet-based capabilities (IbC) in both their professional and personal capacities.

The first ALNAV, Internet-based Capabilities Guidance – Official Internet Posts, addresses the use of social media and collaborative tools as a means to disseminate and share official information. The ALNAV outlines some of the policies and procedures for communication in an official capacity via IbC.

The second ALNAV addresses the unofficial use of IbC and states that in addition to ensuring that official DON-related content posted to the Internet is within guidelines, it is recommended that DON personnel be mindful of all content posted to these sites, especially since the lines between personal and professional lives often blur in the online space. The message outlines policy and best practices to ensure that DON personnel are using these tools safely and effectively. Both ALNAVs addressing Internet-Based Capabilities Guidance can be found on the DON CIO website:

Recommended Facebook Privacy Settings
As social networking continues to grow and evolve, users may find that more of their information is being shared publicly — sometimes without their knowledge. Much of this information can be safeguarded through the implementation of existing privacy settings.

Facebook recently rolled out a new location-based application that allows users to "check-in" at various locations, permitting friends to see where they are at that exact moment. Additionally, the feature allows other users to check in friends that are at the same location. While there are benefits to using this new feature, there is a trade-off of inadvertently sharing more personal information than some users may wish.

In an effort to help DON personnel safeguard their personal information while enjoying the benefits of social networking, the Navy Chief of Information (CHINFO) has provided a step-bystep guide to privacy settings on Facebook. While personnel and their families may choose to share more or less information, the guide walks users through CHINFO's "minimum recommended privacy settings." To view the presentation, please visit:

DoD Unveils New Social Media Hub
On July 22, 2010, the DoD launched an updated "Social Media Hub." The Web page is designed to be a resource for the responsible and effective use of social media and other Internetbased capabilities, and provides information and tips for both official and unofficial use. The site provides information for all levels of users, including training and education for those just beginning to use social media, and tips for any user to improve online safety. The policies and procedures section provides current policy documents as well as a link to register official social media presences.

FedSpace, hosted by the General Services Administration, is a secure intranet and collaboration workspace for federal employees and contractors. The site, funded through an e-Government project and developed in response to President Obama’s 2009 Open Government Directive, is a collaborative space for federal employees and contractors.

Many agencies across the federal government have developed collaborative tools for use within their organizations. Unlike these tools, FedSpace aims to provide capabilities such as file sharing, wikis, a governmentwide employee directory, shared workspaces and blogs across agencies. FedSpace is currently in its “alpha” or initial test phase, so users might notice that some functionality is under development and contains some test content.

Christy Crimmins provides support to the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer communications and emerging technology teams.

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