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CHIPS Articles: Architecture Development Guide Update

Architecture Development Guide Update
By Steve Coy - January-March 2011
The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer is updating the DON Architecture Development Guide. The DON ADG version 2.0.000 update includes implementation guidance for the DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) v2.0 and provides examples and development steps for architects that will assist with consistent architecture development across the DON. Some features that are new to ADG v2.0.000 include style and format tips, as well as "best practices" that have been gathered from across the DON and Navy and Marine Corps architecture practitioners.

The release of ADG v2.0.000 is scheduled to coincide with the DON EA v2.1.000 release Feb. 28, 2011.

Visit for authoritative and current information about DON EA policy and procedures.

Steve Coy provides enterprise architecture support to the DON CIO. The DON EA point of contact is the director of enterprise architecture and emerging technology, Mr. Michael Jacobs

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