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CHIPS Articles: DON CIO Discusses Future IT Initiatives

DON CIO Discusses Future IT Initiatives
By DON Enterprise IT Communications - April-June 2011
Recordings and transcripts of three sessions hosted by the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer, Terry Halvorsen, during the West Coast DON Information Technology Conference, are now available. The sessions include: the Cyber/IT Workforce Town Hall, the DON IT Way Ahead Discussion, and the Functional Area Managers/Command Information Officers session. During the town hall and way ahead discussion, Halvorsen and members of the leadership team discussed the role of the DON CIO and what they believe are their key priorities and challenges.

During the FAM/Command CIO session, discussion centered on the functional area managers and the application rationalization process, specifically its challenges and future steps.

The DON CIO has received feedback from department personnel on the value of the information provided. If you couldn't travel to the DON IT Conference, you can still learn about important initiatives and be a participant in the ongoing discussion.

The East Coast DON IT Conference will be at the Virginia Beach Convention Center, Virginia Beach, Va., May 10-12, 2011. Register for the next DON IT Conference.

Cyber/IT Workforce Town Hall: (Encoding: MP3; size: 35 MB; duration: 1 hour, 27 minutes).

DON IT Way Ahead Discussion: (Encoding: MP3; size: 27.5 MB; duration: 1 hour, 8 minutes).

Functional Area Managers/Command Information Officers session: (Encoding: MP3; size: 19.1 MB; duration: 47 minutes).

Town Hall PDF: (78 KB).

DON IT Way Ahead Discussion PDF: (73 KB).

FAM/CIO Discussion PDF: (61 KB).

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (Jan. 26, 2011)Terry Halvorsen speaking at the Cyber/IT Workforce Town Hall in a question and answer period with workforce members.
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