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CHIPS Articles: Editor's Notebook, April-June 2011

Editor's Notebook, April-June 2011
By Sharon Anderson - April-June 2011
In this issue, we look at the efficiencies that can be achieved through improved information technology planning in interviews with top leadership in the information dominance domain, Rear Adm. Michael Broadway, deputy director, concepts and strategies for OPNAV N2/N6, and Mr. Dave Weddel, assistant deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance. From the Program Executive Office for C4I, Mr. J. Terry Simpson, principal deputy for intelligence, discusses unmanned vehicles and their importance and challenges in regard to IT planning.

Experts from the DON CIO discuss their subject areas with an eye focused on achieving efficiencies, as directed by the Under Secretary of the Navy in a memo from Dec. 3, 2010, "Department of the Navy (DON) Information Technology (IT)/Cyberspace Efficiency Initiatives and Realignment."

To this end, the DON CIO is engaging with top commercial IT providers in DON desktop services, desktop/laptop operating systems and productivity software, database software, and network technologies to obtain their insight and lessons learned. The DON CIO posed IT strategy questions to Cisco, HP Enterprise Services, Microsoft and Oracle, and you will find their answers in this issue. The industry discussion will continue at the East Coast DON IT Conference in May, where these commercial IT providers will participate in a panel session.

In celebration of the Centennial of Naval Aviation (CoNA), commemorating 100 years of progress and achievement in naval aviation, we are featuring two interviews with Navy pilots: Rear Adm. Wendi Carpenter, Commander, Navy Warfare Development Command, and Capt. Sara Joyner, the first woman carrier air wing commander, who discusses the high-tech systems onboard Navy aircraft. They are emblematic of the pioneer spirit of naval aviation, and there are many others in addition to pilots, including aircrew, maintenance personnel and air traffic controllers.

CHIPS salutes the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard aviation community. The Navy site for CoNA is, featuring events and historical information.

We are also pleased to feature an interview with the new Army CIO/G-6 Lt. Gen. Susan Lawrence.

In January, CHIPS staff participated in the West Coast DON IT Conference in San Diego, Calif., where we caught up with the dedicated members of the DoD Enterprise Software Initiative team, one of CHIPS' sponsors. At the same time, we exhibited CHIPS with SPAWAR at the West conference.

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SPAWAR Commander Rear Adm. Patrick Brady addresses conference attendees at West 2011, cosponsored by AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute. Brady spoke about the Navy's information dominance goals and how SPAWAR's mission aligns with the Chief of Naval Operations' vision for information dominance. Photo by Rick Naystatt/SPAWAR A/V specialist.
San Diego, Calif. DON IT Conference. The hardworking members of the DoD Enterprise Software Initiative, including the DON's ESI software product manager team and Naval Inventory Control Point Mechanicsburg contracting officers. Front row, from left, Henry Ingorvate, Robert Harden, James Clausen, Floyd Groce and Jim Cecil. Middle row, Chris Panaro, Susan Ellison, Linda Greenwade, Nina Diep, Jeffrey Ho, Thao Vu, Marissa Jackson and Sylvia Neidig. Back row, John Zetter, Bruce Whiteman, Clark Hendrickson, Renée Rothlein, Terri Baxter, Jonnice Medley and Rachel Cadarella.
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