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CHIPS Articles: ServiceNow Improves IT Customer Service

ServiceNow Improves IT Customer Service
By Troy Miller, Norfolk Naval Shipyard - March 10, 2021
At one time or another, you may have encountered an issue with your computer. Frustration begins when you cannot get through to Norfolk Naval Shipyard’s (NNSY) Information Technology and Cybersecurity Department’s (Code 109) Service Desk. Maybe you had to contact Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) and wait for a long period of time until someone was available to help. To address this issue, Code 109 is taking steps to improve its customer service by implementing a new process to help resolve IT issues.

“ServiceNow is a new program and process we are using. The program allows the customer who is having an IT issue to submit their own trouble ticket,” said Code 109’s Acting Branch Manager for Customer Support Division Janine Hernandez. “Before, the customer had no idea what was happening with their trouble ticket. Now, all they have to do is log into ServiceNow and it will show them what the status is and who is handling it.”

There may have been times where if the user had the knowledge, they could have fixed an IT issue themselves. Or maybe they once were shown had to fix a particular issue, but because they didn’t use that knowledge over time, they simply forgot how to do it.

“ServiceNow comes with knowledge-based articles,” said Code 109’s Customer Support and Information Security IT Specialist Robert Lee Jones, III. “If the customer has an issue like mapping to a printer or problems with their certificate credentials, all they have to do is type it in the search bar and the most relevant resources and self-help articles will appear. These will help the customer fix the problem themselves, thus saving time in the process.”

There will be times though when fixing an issue is out of the hands of the customer. This is when the knowledge-based results will tell the user that they need to contact NMCI or Code 109. If it pertains to Code 109, they will need to complete an incident ticket through ServiceNow.

“The user will be able to view any open tickets in their name via the ServiceNow portal,” said Hernandez. “If the same issue keeps occurring, we will have a record of it and then Code 109 or NMCI can take the next step to see what keeps causing this particular issue.”

Steps are being taken to integrate the current Automated Data Processing (ADP) requests into ServiceNow. The plan is to have this portion of ServiceNow up and running sometime later this year.

Access to ServiceNow is available via a Common Access Card (CAC) on an NMCI computer and going to the URL:

The homepage of ServiceNow where one can search for knowledge bases articles, create an incident ticket and track to see the status of previous incident tickets.
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