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CHIPS Articles: Hardware-Enabled Security: Container Platform Security Prototype in Cloud Environments

Hardware-Enabled Security: Container Platform Security Prototype in Cloud Environments
By CHIPS Magazine - December 15, 2020
In today’s cloud data centers and edge computing, attack surfaces have significantly increased, hacking has become industrialized, and most security control implementations are not coherent or consistent. The foundation of any data center or edge computing security strategy should be securing the platform on which data and workloads will be executed and accessed. The physical platform represents the first layer for any layered security approach and provides the initial protections to help ensure that higher-layer security controls can be trusted.

This report, by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, explains an approach based on hardware-enabled security techniques and technologies for safeguarding container deployments in multi-tenant cloud environments. It also describes a proof-of-concept implementation of the approach — a prototype — that is intended to be a blueprint or template for the general security community, according to a NIST release.

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Date Published: December 2020
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NISTIR 8320A (Draft) (DOI)
NISTIR 8320A (Draft)

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