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CHIPS Articles: Two Quantum Research Conferences to Focus on Navy, Federal Collaboration

Two Quantum Research Conferences to Focus on Navy, Federal Collaboration
By U.S. Naval Research Laboratory - November 17, 2020
WASHINGTON — As the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory steps up in its role as the Navy’s Quantum Information Science Research Center, NRL is participating in two quantum collaboration meetings focusing on intragovernmental collaboration.

The first meeting is a workshop of the Washington Metro Quantum Network Research Consortium to be held virtually on Nov. 16-17. The workshop will focus on setting up collegial research efforts among consortium members with the goal of performing distributed entanglement of qubits between participating institutions in the Washington area using fiber optic communications cables.

The consortium includes NRL, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Army Research Laboratory, Laboratory for Telecommunications Sciences, and the U.S. Naval Observatory.

The second meeting is the inauguration of the Naval Quantum S&T Working Group on Nov. 23, which will be held quarterly. This event will bring together scientists and engineers from across NRL, the Office of Naval Research, and the Navy’s warfare centers. NRL research physicist Adam Black, Ph.D., will discuss his ongoing research on quantum sensing.

“NRL continues to works directly with other laboratories, academia, government and industry to conduct a variety of QIST research,” said Gerald M. Borsuk, Ph.D., NRL’s associate director of research for the systems directorate. “We hope these meetings build bridges within government and with academia and industry that lead to further interactions to bring quantum technologies to reality.”

NRL was designated the Navy’s QISRC as part of the fiscal year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, which allows NRL to engage with public and private sector organizations to enhance and accelerate research, development and deployment of QIS and QIS enabled technologies and systems.

Jonathan Kwolek, Ph.D. (left), a U.S. Naval Research Laboratory research physicist, shows an atom interferometer to Chief of Naval Research Rear Adm. Lorin Selby (right) Sept. 14, 2020, at NRL facilities in Washington, D.C. Kwolek uses the instrument to measure motion for navigational purposes. (U.S. Navy photo by Jonathan Steffen)
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