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CHIPS Articles: USCYBERCOM: It’s Everyone’s Job to Ensure Cybersecurity at Work

USCYBERCOM: It’s Everyone’s Job to Ensure Cybersecurity at Work
By CHIPS Magazine - October 19, 2020
“Creating a culture of cybersecurity in the workplace is a responsibility that we all share. Efforts like employee education, cybersecurity training, and threat awareness and mitigation are necessary to enhance our workplace cybersecurity posture,” U.S. Cyber Command officials shared in a newsletter for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Week 3 reminders.

The information presented in the Week 3 newsletter was compiled by the USCYBERCOM Office of the CIO which serves as the information assurance experts for the Command. It is our mission to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Information Systems (IS) and networks throughout USCYBERCOM, while managing a customer-orientated IA organization capable of meeting the needs of all USCYBERCOM customers.

Read the Week 3 newsletter: Cybersecurity_Monthly_October_CSAMWeek3.pdf.

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