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CHIPS Articles: Army Cloud Plan

Army Cloud Plan
By Army Chief Information Officer - October 19, 2020
“The Army cannot maximize its modernization strategy without the cloud, which is the backbone for artificial intelligence.”

~ Honorable Ryan D. McCarthy, Secretary of the Army

The Army Cloud Plan lays out the following six strategic objectives:

  • Accelerate Data Driven Decisions.
  • Decrease Time to Field Software.
  • Optimize the Security Accreditation Process.
  • Establish Cloud Design, Software Development and Data Engineering as a Core Competency.
  • Design Software to Adapt to an Un¬ predictable World.
  • Provide IT Asset/Cost Transparency and Accountability.

The plan then describes the modernization imperatives, digital transformation elements and the Plan of Attack the Army must use to achieve these six objectives and begin its journey to the cloud.

The Army's ability to master cloud computing and its use is a critical enabler to the pursuit of leveraging Artificial Intelligence (Al) and Machine Learning (ML) in cyberspace warfare. The Army must relentlessly and purposefully pursue this modernization effort in order to maintain digital overmatch against U.S. near-peer adversaries.

The Army Cloud Plan 2020 - FINAL2.pdf

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