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CHIPS Articles: Spectrum Supportability Requirements for Spectrum-Dependent Equipment Certification

Spectrum Supportability Requirements for Spectrum-Dependent Equipment Certification
By DON CIO Memo - October 5, 2020
This memo establishes Department of the Navy policy that all equipment certification requests for stage 2, 3, and 4 spectrum-dependent systems (SDS) shall include a current Spectrum Supportability Risk Assessment (SSRA) as supporting documentation. Stage 1 equipment certifications are exempt from this requirement, as system characteristics and/or parameters are still being determined.

The Office of Management and Budget requires equipment certification for all major SDS, including satellite systems. SSRAs are required for SDS by the Department of Defense and the DON to ensure these systems can achieve and maintain sufficient and effective spectrum access. Equipment certification and SSRAs are two closely related and integrated processes, e.g., SSRAs integrate equipment certification documentation.

To ensure success in the Frequency Assignment and Host Nation Coordination phases, spectrum data must be consistent throughout the equipment certification and SSRA processes. Developing an SSRA in preparation for equipment certification achieves such consistency. Therefore, effective 1 October 2022, any equipment certification request for a stage 2, 3, or 4 SDS that is submitted without an accompanying SSRA will be held at the Navy and Marine Corps Spectrum Center until an SSRA has been initiated.

The next update of reference (d) will incorporate this policy.

Signed by:
Aaron D. Weis
Department of the Navy
Chief Information Officer

Download the memo:

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