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CHIPS Articles: New Maturity Model Increases IT Spending Transparency, Meets Federal Action Plan Milestone

New Maturity Model Increases IT Spending Transparency, Meets Federal Action Plan Milestone
By Federal Technology Investment Management CoP - October 1, 2020
The CIO Council's Federal Technology Investment Management (FTIM) Community of Practice (CoP) and the ACT-IAC IT Management and Modernization (ITMM) Community of Interest (CoI) have collaborated to deliver an IT spending transparency maturity model. This model supports the IT Spending Transparency Maturity Model milestone in action #9 of the Federal Data Strategy 2020 Action Plan, Improve Financial Management Data Standards. This consensus-driven tool helps agencies measure the current and future state of their Technology Business Management (TBM) implementations.

The working group that developed the maturity model included government and industry representatives from the FTIM CoP and ACT-IAC industry volunteers. In August, ACT-IAC released a draft of the maturity model for public comment to refine and strengthen the tool. The CIO Council is proud to present this revised tool to agencies to aid in the collective goal of improving financial management data standards government-wide.

This free IT spending transparency maturity model uses both commercial and government best practices to help agencies adopt the TBM methodology and data standards — regardless of their current IT transparency maturity.

More specifically, the new maturity model turns qualitative activities into quantitative metrics, helping measure progress and keep teams and leadership aligned on what matters most for their mission. Most importantly, this model helps U.S. government agencies be more effective, efficient, and accountable to the taxpayers they serve through transparency and continuous improvement.

The Maturity Model Consensus Mode is now available and can be accessed here. Also check out the IT Spending Transparency Maturity Model white paper.

For more information or if you have questions about the new maturity model, reach out to us at

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