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CHIPS Articles: NAVSUP BSC Examines IT Requirements to Shape Future Force

NAVSUP BSC Examines IT Requirements to Shape Future Force
By Naval Supply Systems Command Business Systems Center Public Affairs - May 29, 2020
MECHANICSBURG, Pa. - Capt. Gene Cash, commanding officer, Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Business Systems Center (BSC), and Mr. Brian Zirbel, executive director, NAVSUP BSC, participated in a Workload/Resource Review with NAVSUP Enterprise staff, May 20.

The event was held via Microsoft Teams and served as an opportunity to plan for mission-funded and reimbursable information technology (IT) programs for upcoming fiscal years.

"This is a tremendous collaborative effort between NAVSUP BSC, N2/N6, Weapon Systems Support (WSS), Headquarters, and other stakeholders," said Cash.

"It's a key event to capture the requirements clearly, articulate what the various systems and projects plan to do, and most importantly, identify any shortfalls so we can mitigate them or get additional resources."

During the event, participants reviewed IT systems and projects, past performance, and projected levels of effort to determine the number of full-time employees needed for each project to support mission requirements.

Major projects reviewed included: Readiness Suite, Reengineered Maritime Allowance Development, Commercial Asset Visibility (CAV), eRetrograde Management System, Hazardous Material Management Services, Video Teleconferencing, Integrated Technical Item Management and Procurement, Standard Procurement System, Identity Management, Enterprise Web, NAVSUP Supply Support Portal, Navy Data Platform, Service-Oriented Architecture, Robotic Process Automation, Knowledge Management, Enterprise Business Office, Regional Support Sites, Logistics Solutions, CAV-Air Force, Ordnance Information System, Cloud Action Team, Next Generation Enterprise Network, Interactive Computer Aided Provisioning System, and Cybersecurity.

"The demand for IT support is starting to outpace the full-time employees available," said Brian Laird, NAVSUP assistant commander for Supply Chain Technology/Systems Integration (N2/N6), who led the review panel. "As we go through this, we have to think about how we prioritize the work NAVSUP BSC is going to do, how we adjudicate any conflicts, and what the business impact is on WSS and the larger NAVSUP mission."

NAVSUP BSC provides the Navy with information systems support through the design, development, and maintenance of systems in the functional areas of logistics, supply chain management, transportation, finance, and accounting.

Full-time IT Specialist positions such as program and project managers, supervisors, developers, analysts, and architects are in high demand to ensure mission accomplishment.

The 615 full-time Navy civilian employees (FTE) at NAVSUP BSC are allocated to projects by funding. For fiscal year 2021, NAVSUP BSC expects to allocate 388 FTE to support Working Capital funded projects, 132 FTE to Operation and Maintenance projects, and 95 FTE to support Reimbursable projects.

During the review discussion, key topics included costs for labor, non-labor, inflation, and unfunded requirements. Major project requirements and accomplishments, impacts of previous year underfunding, and over and under execution were also addressed.

Additionally, the review took into account future year's estimates based on current and expected project requirements and competing priorities of effort between updating systems and preparing them for migration to new platforms.

"We understand that whatever decisions are made from this review will have an impact on each and every program," said Zirbel. "Our goal is to ensure we can accomplish our mission and support our priorities of readiness, audit, and people."

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