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CHIPS Articles: Attention Sailors: INSURV's Newsletter Provides Tips and Inspection Insights

Attention Sailors: INSURV's Newsletter Provides Tips and Inspection Insights
By INSURV Knowledge Management Officer - January 9, 2019
The Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) has released the 24th edition of its electronic newsletter, INSURV Insights, in an effort to communicate with the Fleet through tips and tidbits from all aspects of the inspection process, while providing valuable insights, knowledge and experience from the deck plates.

Issue #24 of INSURV Insights spotlights "Victories on Final Contract Trials", "Where's My EMATT? - Achieving Success During the INSURV Undersea Warfare DTE Demonstration", "Damage Control: Don't Ignore Chemical, Biological and Radiological Systems", "INSURV Reschedule Business Process Rules for Material Inspections, Acceptance Trials and Final Contract Trials", "Navy Standards", "Medical Safety at a Glance", "Deck Preparation" and "Preparing for Submarine Material Inspection."

This issue, along with all past issues, is available on the INSURV inspection portal at

Additionally, there is a spreadsheet available on the newsletter page that will help you locate all deck specific articles in the event you want to see articles from a particular area across all published issues.

Read through it, share it with your shipmates, and let us know what you think!

For more information, please contact our Communications Team at

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