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CHIPS Articles: Have questions about DoD cloud choices?

Have questions about DoD cloud choices?
DISA has answers
By CHIPS Magazine - September 24, 2018
The Defense Information Systems Agency’s cloud portfolio includes infrastructure, compute, storage and security services. You can learn how these commercial cloud services can meet your needs for a flexible, scalable and efficient cloud solution. If you are a DoD component interested in acquiring a cloud service hosted, either internally from DISA, or from a commercial provider, DISA encourages you to review the DoD Cloud Service Catalog.

The versatility of milCloud 2.0 and the Secure Cloud Computing Architecture enable mission partners to migrate applications and data to both on- and off-premise cloud models. Four security services, including boundary, application, and management-level security capabilities are included in SCCA.

milCloud 2.0 is a follow-on to DISA’s milCloud 1.0 on-premise cloud offering. Housed in DISA data centers, milCloud 2.0 includes infrastructure, platform and software-as-a-service options. It follows federal and DoD cloud security requirements for Impact Level 4 and 5 workloads.

DISA is hosting several informational videos on its website to explain what milCloud 2.0 is, what mission partners are responsible for when it comes to securing cloud instances, and what DISA offers in terms of cloud security. Videos and factsheets are available at:

Please contact DISA's Mission Partner Engagement Office to learn more about acquiring DISA cloud services.

DISA provides mission partners an enterprise approach for cloud hosting and security services. This video provides a high-level overview of milCloud 2.0, outlines how to prepare for a cloud migration, and provides resources for additional information. Videos are also available on YouTube .
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