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CHIPS Articles: NIST Reopens Registration for Privacy Framework Workshop

NIST Reopens Registration for Privacy Framework Workshop
By CHIPS Magazine - September 17, 2018
The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently launched the development of a voluntary privacy framework as an enterprise risk management tool for organizations. This is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s development of a forward-leaning approach to privacy that supports innovation, and at the same time, ensures strong consumer privacy protections.

The voluntary framework aims to provide a catalogue of privacy outcomes and tactics for organizations of all kinds to: better identify, assess, manage and communicate privacy risks; foster the development of innovative approaches to protecting individuals’ privacy; and increase trust in products and services, according to NIST.

In growing this effort, NIST plans to call together and collaborate with organizations across sectors, conducting extensive outreach through a series of public workshops, opportunities for public comment, and the release of deliverables at various stages of framework development.?

The first public workshop will be in Austin, Texas on Oct. 16 from 2:30-5:30 CT. In this half-day event, attendees will learn from NIST representatives what to expect from the Privacy Framework development process. They will also hear from panels of experts how organizations are currently managing privacy risks, and where the challenges lie.

The workshop also will be an opportunity to begin the discussion of how the Privacy Framework can meet organizations’ needs to better protect individuals’ privacy. This event takes place the day before the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ (IAPP) Privacy. Security. Risk. events begin. This workshop is open to the public, but with limited space.

While registration for this workshop hit maximum capacity last week due to its importance, NIST is pleased to announce that registration has reopened! Register now to reserve your seat.

When: Tuesday, 10/16/18, 2:30-5:30pm CT
Where: Capital Factory, 701 Brazos St, Austin, Texas
Register here. Registration closes Oct. 9.

A recording of this event will be posted shortly after the event on the Privacy Framework website. Additionally, this will be one of several in-person opportunities to engage with NIST on the development of this framework.

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