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CHIPS Articles: NIST Releases Draft Guide for VMware Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Environments

NIST Releases Draft Guide for VMware Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Environments
By CHIPS Magazine - August 27, 2018
Cloud services can provide organizations the opportunity to increase their flexibility, availability, resiliency, and scalability, which they can use in turn to increase security, privacy, efficiency, responsiveness, innovation, and competitiveness. The fundamental impediments to an organization’s broader adoption of cloud technologies are the ability to protect its information and virtual assets in the cloud, and to have sufficient visibility so it can conduct oversight and ensure that it (and its cloud provider) are complying with applicable laws and business practices.

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) at NIST recognizes the need to address security and privacy challenges for the use of shared cloud services in hybrid cloud architectures, and has launched a project for hybrid cloud environments. This project is using commercially available technologies to develop a cybersecurity reference design that can be implemented to increase security and privacy for cloud workloads on hybrid cloud platforms, NIST announced Aug. 24.

The project will demonstrate how the implementation and use of trusted compute pools not only will provide assurance that workloads in the cloud are running on trusted hardware and are in a trusted geolocation, but also will improve the protections for the data within workloads and flow between workloads. This project will result in a NIST Cybersecurity Practice Guide - a publicly available description of the solution and practical steps needed to implement a cybersecurity reference design that addresses the challenges of hybrid cloud processing.

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) at NIST built a laboratory environment using commercial off-the-shelf technology and cloud services to safeguard the security and privacy of an organization’s applications and data being run within or transferred between private and hybrid/public clouds. The full NIST Cybersecurity Practice Guide being developed for this project will demonstrate how organizations can implement trusted compute pools to enforce and monitor their security and privacy policies on their cloud workloads and meet compliance requirements as specified in NIST Special Publication 800-53 and the Cybersecurity Framework.

Publication: SP 1800-19A (Preliminary Draft 1)

Comments are due Sept. 30, 2018. Email Comments to:

Authors: Donna Dodson (NIST), Daniel Carroll (Dell/EMC), Gina Scinta (Gemalto), Hemma Prafullchandra (HyTrust), Harmeet Singh (IBM), Raghuram Yeluri (Intel), Tim Shea (RSA), Carlos Phoenix (VMware).

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