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CHIPS Articles: New CIO to Lead DoD Cloud Initiative

New CIO to Lead DoD Cloud Initiative
By CHIPS Magazine - June 26, 2018
Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan announced that Dana Deasy, chief information officer, will lead the department's journey to the cloud, effective June 22.

This initiative is part of a comprehensive effort to modernize information technology across the DoD enterprise, according to a Defense Department release. A modern digital infrastructure is critical to defending against cyber attacks as well as unleashing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

As the CIO, Deasy serves as the principal staff assistant and senior advisor to the secretary of defense and deputy secretary of defense for information technology, DoD said.

Under Deasy's leadership, the department will systematically consolidate its disparate networks, data centers and cloud efforts to more efficiently manage them at the enterprise level.

Since some DoD components manage many of the department's networks, data centers and clouds, “consolidating these disparate elements at the enterprise level will enable the CIO to provide greater security and ensure greater reliability of the department's digital infrastructure, while achieving cost savings,” DoD said.

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Dana Deasy, DoD chief information officer
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