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CHIPS Articles: Latest Drumbeat with Vice Adm. Nancy A. Norton

Latest Drumbeat with Vice Adm. Nancy A. Norton
By Vice Adm. Nancy A. Norton - June 21, 2018

Last month DISA hosted the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association’s Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium, the DISA Cloud Symposium, and the DoD and Federal Knowledge Management Symposium in Baltimore. We had almost 5,000 mission and industry partners attend. It was a wonderful three-day event exchanging ideas and highlighting the latest innovative cyberspace technologies.

For those of you who were unable to attend, links to the slides are below. I encourage you to disseminate relevant information within your organization and to provide your feedback regarding these events and other DISA outreach efforts to the Mission Partner Engagement Team or the DISA field office or liaison officer in your area of responsibility.

Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium

DISA Cloud Symposium

DoD and Federal Knowledge Management Symposium

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I appreciate the work you do and am proud of DISA’s role in ensuring your mission success.

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