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CHIPS Articles: Full Operational Capability Certification of Spectrum Dependent Systems

Full Operational Capability Certification of Spectrum Dependent Systems
By DON OCIO News - April-June 2018
Under Secretary Modly signed a memo June 5, 2018 establishing that it is Department of the Navy policy to request and record the full operational capabilities of spectrum-dependent systems (SDS) during the spectrum certification process, enabling a full and accurate representation in spectrum certification databases.

The DON's SDS certification process has a long history of requesting and documenting only those technical characteristics that are within the approval realm of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) for operations within the United States and its Possessions. This practice has led to inaccurate and inadequate data concerning DON spectrum-dependent systems in DON SDS certification databases. To comply with this policy, spectrum-dependent capability owners must ensure that the full range of spectrum technical parameters is cited on the spectrum certification paperwork (e.g., DD Form 1494 or Equipment Location - Certification Information Database).

This memo has been distributed to DON leadership, with widest dissemination requested.

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