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CHIPS Articles: DISA showcases feds’ new security clearance application

DISA showcases feds’ new security clearance application
By DISA News - June 5, 2018
The federal government’s new system for background investigations made its first public appearance at the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium May 15-17 in Baltimore.

The National Background Investigation Services (NBIS) Program Office debuted eApp — the new user interface for submitting security clearance background investigation application forms.

The electronic application is expected to replace the current system, named e-QIP. The goal in developing eApp was to improve user experience, make the interface clean, intuitive, and easy to use.

“We're also working to improve the data that's collected in the form and to speed up the investigation and adjudication processes,” said Raju Shah, NBIS program manager.

In 2016, Congress charged DISA to lead an effort to design, build, test, field, operate, maintain and secure a suite of national background investigation services in collaboration with the Office of Personnel Management, Defense Contract Management Agency, and other Department of Defense agencies.

“eApp will soon undergo a usability study with 1,000 Army users, which will provide invaluable feedback in refining the form,” said Shah. “A gradual rollout to the broader public will begin in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018.”

NBIS will automate a number of previously manual processes, enabling investigators to spend less time gathering information from various sources and more time assessing that information. Also, by leveraging dynamic forms, re-applicants will find relevant fields pre-populated with data from previous applications.

eApp will enable NBIS to collect and validate investigation data from users, one of the seven NBIS critical functional requirements, which include: designating position sensitivity, managing investigations, providing fingerprint and biometric processing, improving automated record checking, facilitating adjudication, and performing continuous evaluation.

NBIS is intended to provide a background investigation capability for the entire federal government.

Learn more about eApp in this video.

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