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CHIPS Articles: Landmark Navy Lab to host open workshop on Defensive Cyber Deception and Trust in Autonomy

Landmark Navy Lab to host open workshop on Defensive Cyber Deception and Trust in Autonomy
By Patric Petrie, lead staff writer, SSC Pacific - May 24, 2018
The Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific), one of the nation’s oldest Department of Defense research labs (founded in 1940) and home to more than 4,900 scientists, researchers, and engineers, is issuing an open call for researchers interested in attending “The Cyber Shorelines: A Workshop on Defensive Cyber Deception and Trust in Autonomy,” Aug. 13-14, 2018 in San Diego.

The workshop will be led by Dr. Sunny Fugate, the Center's first Senior Scientific Technical Manager (SSTM) for Cyber Warfare Technology.

The focus of the workshop, in association with the Naval Applications of Machine Learning Conference, will explore the use of cyber deception to protect safety and privacy and how one might simultaneously protect autonomous systems from being deceived, as well as current and future issues relating to safety and privacy in a world with pervasive sensors and autonomous systems.

One example is when we depend on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to protect public and personal safety, how can we protect these systems from being misled and used against us while still maintaining positive control of our information and privacy from those that would abuse it or use it to undermine our safety? In other words: "My toaster is always watching me and apparently tells the internet when I'm making toast, but at least it promises not to ever set my house on fire when I'm gone."

During the workshop, participants will explore the problem and technical solutions to the privacy and personal security implications of pervasive sensor systems and ubiquitous computing. In particular, participants will be asked to consider defensive deception and misdirection as a general approach to protecting privacy and personal security. Simultaneously, participants will explore methods for protecting autonomous systems and sensor systems from being misdirected or misused.

Workshop Structure: The workshop will consist of two full days of short talks by invited speakers, open discussions, and brainstorming sessions with peers from related industries and research groups. The final hours of the workshop will provide short out-briefs by workshop participants and the sharing of workshop artifacts between attendees. Participation will include experts and technologists from industry and academia in the fields of artificial intelligence, autonomy, machine learning, privacy, security, behavioral psychology, and the sciences of deception and trust. The problems explored and solutions proposed will be used as inspiration to guide similar approaches to protecting military and defense systems from misdirection and exploitation.

Submissions: We invite interested individuals to submit one to two page blinded proposals and/or extended abstract citing recent research in the field. Submissions should inform readers of the recent topical research while bringing to light outstanding gaps in our current reasoning and identifying opportunities for new research endeavors. Submissions may focus on any aspects of the technical, cultural, or policy aspects of autonomy, privacy, security, trust and deception.

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2018
Author Notifications: June 15, 2018

Workshop registration will require submission and acceptance of a proposal or abstract. However, proposals will be accepted from all interested individuals regardless of whether they are able to attend the first workshop. With author permission, proposals and key cited literature will be collected, curated and published.

For up to date information and submission instructions, please visit the workshop webpage:

Dr. Sunny Fugate
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