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CHIPS Articles: DISA Reshapes Computing Ecosystem

DISA Reshapes Computing Ecosystem
By DISA News - May 15, 2018
DISA announced it is reshaping and reorganizing the Computing Ecosystem during an all hands meeting with employees from each data center across the country and DISA Headquarters May 3.

The reshaping initiative includes the reduction and realignment of approximately 140 government civilian positions and closure of the Ecosystem location in St. Louis. In addition, Ecosystem locations in San Antonio, Texas; Europe; and Bahrain will shift to “lights dim” status with reduced manning over the next 30 months.

As part of evolving the Ecosystem, DISA conducted an agencywide analysis of computing capabilities and explored options to consolidate support, reduce the physical footprint, and lower operating costs. DISA expects to realize a cost savings of more than $695 million over the next 10 years. Most of the anticipated cost reductions originate from the restructuring of contract requirements. The cost savings will be passed on to DISA’s mission partners in the form of continuing rate reductions. DISA reduced computing rates to mission partners by 10 percent in fiscal year (FY) 2015, 10 percent in FY16 and 7 percent in FY17.

The announced changes are part of DISA’s ongoing efforts reduce the agency’s physical footprint and align with federal data center optimization efforts, while continuing to meet evolving DoD mission requirements.

Since the Ecosystem’s inception in early 2017, DISA has worked to improve computing operations by organizing how services are purchased, increasing accountability of operations, improving standardization of capabilities across the ecosystem and modernizing capabilities.

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