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CHIPS Articles: The Drumbeat with Vice Adm. Nancy A. Norton

The Drumbeat with Vice Adm. Nancy A. Norton
By Vice Adm. Nancy A. Norton - March 12, 2018

As many of you have heard, I assumed directorship of DISA and command of the Joint Force Headquarters – DOD Information Networks on Feb. 1.

I am honored to have the opportunity to lead both organizations. I look forward to our continued partnership and to better understanding your priorities and making sure my team is focused on them.

This month, I have updates regarding the availability of classified tablets through our mobility portfolio, expanded capabilities for Global Video Services, significantly reduced rates for the Global Content Delivery Service, and where to engage with us in the upcoming months.

As always, I encourage you to disseminate this information within your organization and to provide your feedback to the Mission Partner Engagement Team or the DISA field office or liaison officer in your area of responsibility.

Classified mobility tablets available

  • We are expanding upon the pilot that began last May, providing a DOD Mobility Classified Capability-Secret (DMCC-S) tablet using Commercial Solutions for Classified standards for access to classified-secret voice, DOD Enterprise Email, and calendar.
  • Mission partners can now order Android tablets via DISA Storefront. The first orders will ship out no later than March 22.
  • The standard infrastructure rate for DMCC devices applies: $59 per device, per month. Commercial cellular plans are available for $19-175 per month.
  • For more information, please download this fact sheet (Common Access Card-restricted) or contact your Mission Partner Engagement representative.

Classified video and phone conferencing with international allies

  • Our Internet Protocol (IP)-based enterprise video-teleconferencing tool, Global Video Services (GVS), now supports video and telephony connections up to the secret level to approved international endpoints.
  • The expansion of this capability was achieved by integrating GVS-Classified (GVS-C) with the agency’s Enterprise Classified Voice over IP (ECVoIP) service. ECVoIP telephones can now dial into GVS-C video conferences as audio participants, and ECVoIP users can host voice conferences using GVS-C.
  • To maintain appropriate security now that GVS-C is available beyond the U.S secret level, conference hosts should enable personal identification number (PIN) protection on GVS conference rooms intended for U.S. secret audiences as directed in the GVS Room PIN Protection Guide (Common Access Card-restricted).
  • For more information, please contact your Mission Partner Engagement representative .

Global Content Delivery Service (GCDS) rates significantly reduced

  • The Global Content Delivery Service (GCDS) leverages commercial Internet technology to accelerate and secure DOD web content and applications across the Non-secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet) and Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet).
  • Content is stored on a number of geographically distributed servers, ensuring the availability of application content. When a user requests information from an application, the request is sent to the GCDS server closest to the end user. This reduces delivery time and congestion on the network, while offering redundant failover availability.
  • In the past year, we’ve seen a significant increase in adoption of this service, and economies of scale have enabled us to dramatically reduce implementation costs and service rates for fiscal year 2018. If you previously considered using GCDS but decided not to pursue it, I urge you to take a second look.
  • For more information, including a full explanation of rates, visit the GCDS page on or contact your Mission Partner Engagement representative.

Ways to engage with us

  • I hope to grow the relationships between our organizations at all levels. I encourage you to seek out our subject matter experts and Mission Partner Engagement representatives at these upcoming events. And of course, you can contact your local DISA field command/field office, your Mission Partner Engagement representative, or your DISA liaison anytime!
  • AFCEA Rocky Mountain Cyberspace Symposium: March 5-8, Colorado Springs, Colorado. We’ll present eight 30-minute briefings in Booth #60. Briefings will also be available via Defense Collaboration Services at
  • DISA Customer Engagement Forum: March 22, 8:30-11:30 a.m. EDT, online via Defense Collaboration Services. A high-level overview of 10-15 topics of interest to the broad mission partner community. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to request more information .
  • RSA Conference: April 16-20, San Francisco, California. Look for representatives from our Chief Technology Officer and Corporate Connections Team in Booth #3016.
  • DISA Cloud Symposium: May 15-16, Baltimore, Maryland. This two-day forum is intended to help DISA’s mission partners navigate the cloud adoption process. Learn more and register.
  • AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium: May 15-17, Baltimore, Maryland. Don’t miss this one! I will provide a keynote address regarding DISA’s way forward, my senior leaders will be available throughout the event, and agency subject matter experts will provide content for 15 breakout sessions. The DISA exhibit pavilion will also feature more than a dozen exhibits staffed by subject matter experts.

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The Drumbeat with VADM Nancy Norton logo
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