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CHIPS Articles: milCloud 2.0 gets Provisional Authorization for Impact Level 5 data

milCloud 2.0 gets Provisional Authorization for Impact Level 5 data
By DISA News - March 6, 2018
The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) recently granted a Department of Defense Provisional Authorization (PA) to milCloud 2.0 for Impact Level 5 (IL5) data.

DISA’s milCloud 2.0 is built on the CSRA Cloud Service Offering (CSO), Autonomic Resources Cloud Platform (ARC-P) Government Community Cloud (GCC) service.

This PA ushers the way for early adopters to connect to and run in the DOD, on-premises, private community cloud environment which will provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for mission partners.

Features of milCloud 2.0 include a self-service cloud portal for real-time provisioning and management, as well as scalable deployment environments based on real-world events and application requirements. milCloud 2.0 also provides customers capacity from a joint pool of resources in an on-demand basis and allows for tailoring of virtual environments to best meet respective mission needs.

“For the next 60 days we will be working with our early adopters to fine-tune our business processes,” said Caroline Bean, DISA milCloud 2.0 program manager. “The next step will be to open the doors for business to everyone else who is waiting to onboard. Our target is early May.”

This milCloud 2.0 PA is a one year conditional authorization.

CRSA is providing milCloud 2.0 services to the Defense Information Services under Contract No. HC102817D0004.

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