Telecommunications Expense Management Tools

Published, February 2, 2009

The Department of the Navy is in the process of reforming its telecommunications environment. The guiding precept of this initiative is developing and implementing an enterprise management framework that will substantially improve the manner in which telecommunications are acquired, operated and accounted for. The new framework will replace the current piecemeal approach with one that adopts enterprise buying strategies and delivers visibility into the assets and services being procured. The end result will be an optimized telecommunications environment supported by automated tools that facilitate delivering the right mix of services at the best cost.

To support this goal, a key reform effort in 2009 will be to identify the appropriate Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) solution for the DON environment. Stakeholders throughout the DON are invited to participate in this process under the umbrella of the DON Telecommunications Working Group.

Per the Jan. 28, 2009, memo, "Implementing Telecommunications Expense Management Tools in the DON," any further procurement of TEM or call accounting and billing services is prohibited until an enterprise solution is identified and adopted.

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