Everything You Need To Know About Cyber Awareness Training

Published, November 14, 2016

Fast Fact IconCybersecurity and Information System Security Awareness Training is a Fiscal Year requirement for all personnel that access information systems on unclassified or secret networks. This means after Oct. 1st of each year, the training needs to be done again for that year. Each person can satisfy the training requirement by completing one of the following: Cyber Awareness Challenge, Cyber Awareness Challenge Intelligence Community, or IC-Intelligence System Security Awareness depending on where you work. Your local Information System Security Manager or ACTR will be able to tell you which training to take. ...

How Do I Take It?
Military and DoD Civilians can take the training through TWMS. This is the preferred method of completing the training since your records are updated automatically. If you are unable to access TWMS, the training is also available on the Navy E-Learning website. Contractors and Foreign Exchange Officers can complete the training at the DISA website. When completing the training at the DISA website, you will need to send a signed copy of the completion certificate to your respective IA training POC or via your ACTR to receive credit.

What Happens If I Don't Complete It?
Depending on your command Information System Security Manager (ISSM), your system account may be disabled and network access denied. To have your access restored, you will need to provide proof of training completion to the ISSM.

This information was provided on the DON SECNAV SharePoint Portal.

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