How to Obtain Military Personnel, Health, and Award Records

Published, November 8, 2016

Privacy TipThe DON CIO Privacy Office receives frequent inquiries regarding how to obtain copies of military personnel records, military health records, and award information from active duty military, veterans, family members, and members of the public. This Privacy Tip provides specific links and information to obtain such personnel records.

Who you are and the record you are requesting determines the process you will follow. The following resources are provided to assist you.

Active Duty Military Military members should go to the appropriate Privacy Act System of Records Notice (SORN) and follow the directions there. For example, Navy personnel would go to SORN N01070-3, Navy Military Personnel Records System. View all Department of Defense SORNs.

Veterans and Next of Kin of a Deceased Service Member Veterans and Next of Kin should go to visit the Veterans' Service Records website when requesting military service records, including DD 214s, or when attempting to replace lost medals and awards. This site allows you to make your service record request online and check the status of your request.

Members of the General Public If you are not a veteran or next of kin, visit the National Archives website, "Access to Military Records for the General Public," and follow the process there.

Veteran’s Medical and Health Records To obtain veteran medical and health record information or to file a claim for medical benefits visit the National Archives.

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